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Cargo Insurance

Warehouse to warehouse insurance coverage is available and highly recommended.

When purchased, cargo insurance is attached to the shipment while in transit with coverage being extended door to door. Cargo insurance pays regardless of whether or not the loss or damage was due to the carrier’s negligence. Furthermore, cargo insurance provides protection for the full commercial invoice value plus freight charges, and other costs associated with the cargo. The coverage is per the INCOterm of the shipment or the agreed upon sales contract.

Perhaps most valuable to the shipper, the cargo policy is a first party insurance coverage. This means that in the event of a covered loss, the insurance company will pay out the claim to the shipper and then, if necessary, subrogate against the carrier. The shipper does not need to retain an attorney to sue for damages or prove negligence.

By purchasing cargo insurance, you secure the broadest possible coverage for your goods, protect your financial interests, and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Please complete the "Election of Cargo Insurance Coverage" form using the below link and send in with your quote or booking request.

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